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Using old fused glass again

Have you ever heard the saying "All old and new again"? Well, this article explains the same theory about dichroic fused glass. First a bit of background, fused glass is the junction of two or more COE compliant glass panels.

There are many tutorials on how to integrate glass, so I'm not going to focus on the molten glass aspects. However, most of the tutorial does not discuss what to do to say that there are no bits or pieces of perfect simple. That is what I want to discuss in this article. To know more about fusible glass, you may check this link right here now.

Fused will return to the Old is New Again concept; the glass can be fired several times. So if you make a mistake with a piece of molten glass, don't just throw it away or give up the experiment to make something new with it.

When I first baked one of the pieces it wasn't right but it has beautiful colors including purple, blue, and clear glass that I just don't want to waste. So instead of being disappointed that it hasn't changed the way I want it to, I got a hammer, and you must both say that I made some wonderful pieces of jewelry with my "mistakes.

But it doesn't stop there when it comes to creating new mixes of old glass castings. I am a simple person and when I started my fuse did not include many decals or designs or dichroic glass in my pieces.