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Residential Solar Systems – How Do You Want the Solar Power For Your Home?

There are 3 types of solar energy. You can use passive solar, solar thermal, and photovoltaic energy. The differences between the three so that you can decide which home solar system to use for your home when you decide to move house.

1 Solar-passive

You need to plan your home to use solar system energy without installing anything. This is useful for newly built houses. If you use a lot of glass or have enough glass windows, you don't need to turn on too many lights during the day. 

2 Solar thermal

Using solar energy to heat homes and purify hot water can be done easily. When you shower on a sunny day, you'll find that you can sometimes get hot water without opening the tap with hot water. 

This can be done easily without having to pay a lot. Ask your technician or someone familiar with the system so they can install some device that will provide you with solar power for home use.

3 Solar photovoltaic

They will generate electricity from solar panels. The electricity you produce is DC, DC. You then need to convert it to AC for your home appliances and store it in batteries. This will ensure that you can use electricity at night. 

Although the system is simple, using photovoltaic solar energy can be expensive depending on your choice. You can buy ready-made solar panels and install them in your home. It may be more reliable, but it is quite expensive.