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Which Part Of The Parent Plant The Clone Comes From

Many growers swear that the branches that are taken from the base of the plant are removed first, perhaps because they are closest to the roots of the parent plant.

Other breeders testify that the above cloning produced the fastest root branches with the newest parent plant growth. Cannabis cloning is a game of patience and trying to get into the process will only embarrass you further.

As long as the cuttings you take have at least one internode and a few leaves, you will be successful. To get marijuana clones you can also opt for Clones for Sale Online & Cannabis Plant Clones & Seeds at Mendo Bros.

Why does the root clone begin to wilt after being removed from the damp dome?

This is known as the healing process. Your clone is used to warm and wet conditions and must now get used to life outside the dome.

Its preparation does not take much time, as is the fish transferred to a freshwater tank. If your clone dries up and looks like it's dying, the problem is with the wrong temperature or humidity.

You need to remember that you are imitating spring. Slowly introduce them to your new environment, which will contain strong light and a breeze from the fan.

Can I now graft a clone that is rooted in the growth medium?

Once your clones are resilient and you're happy with the way they run them, you need to set up a thriving environment so they can settle in and grow.

The root of the branch wants to dig as far as possible so that it is firmly planted in the center. At this point, feed them very lightly and hit a dry spell to avoid contamination. The roots push aggressively as they search for available moisture and nutrients.