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Do You Know Why Are Consultations Important?

There are hundreds of reasons to consult. Here's just a few:

  • To find out how the local audience feels about a change in their region

  • To find out how the local audience feels about a proposed or possible change that can take place in their region

  • To see if a new service proposal or business idea is viable in a given area

  • Thus, as you can see, the majority of consultations taking place are led by companies or businesses within the public and private sectors. And they are managed as a way to determine how a particular audience feels an idea, a service, or a change.

Consultations can be heavy things to organize. If you are going to direct consultation, you must determine who will be the public, how this public will be able to access consultation information, how you will be able to communicate with the public, and how the public is going to Communicate their point of view on you. 

Then there is coverage of all the comments of the consultation and, of course, the decisions that do not bring the consultation must then be made. 

This can be particularly difficult if the opinions expressed throughout the consultation do not match the opinions you had anticipated would be expressed. 

And finally, you will then have to find a way to re-communicate your determined action to all participants, depending on the results of the consultation.