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Expert Reviews About Laser Hair Removal

Hair grows in a cycle of relaxation. Therefore, a series of follow-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended

While hair is in the relaxing portion of its cycle, it may not receive enough laser light or generate heat to damage the basis of hair growth. This suggests that you will need to undergo multiple laser treatments, nearly 6 sessions, to remove significant hair growth from the target area. To consult with professionals of laser hair removal in HK visit

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The effectiveness of the treatment depends on each skin type, thickness, and the area being treated. Regardless of which area you laser-cut, 6 treatments will usually help you get 80 percent of the results you want because it relies more on cycling.

Laser hair removal for darker skin tones

It is probable to treat people with darker skin by reducing the intensity of the directed energy and using longer wavelengths of light. However, people with darker skin were more likely to experience darkening of the skin or hyperpigmentation as a side effect of the treatment.

While it gives hope to people with darker skin as well, it can get the results you want with the laser, but having an on-site check before laser treatment is also suggested by professionals.

Possible side effects:

  1. Slight swelling around the hair follicle

  2. Slight redness of the skin

  3. Temporary irritation that causes blistering, hardening, scarring, or other changes in skin structure

But after some time these side-effects will be gone.