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Adult Care – Tips To Protect Elderly From Falling At Home

Falling can affect parents in many ways. When a senior falls and is injured, their ability to live alone diminishes. Even an injury-free fall can reduce your confidence and your ability to feel alone. You can now get in touch with the best professionals who are helping older adults via

Help Protect Seniors From Falling at Home

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Other things to keep in mind to avoid failing at home:-

Indoor lighting:- Make sure stairs and hallways have bright lighting. Always try to use the highest possible power from the light bulb. A night light for a night trip to the bathroom can make a big difference in preventing falls.

Eliminate Clutter:- Things that are out of place can add to the downfall of a senior at home. If items are out of the ordinary and in a pleasant place, adults may not be able to see them, trip and get hurt.

Extension cords:- Find a way to arrange your furniture so that the extension cords are on the side. Ensure that the extension cord is never routed where a trigger can be. This includes holidays and decorations. Always keep the extension cord on the side

No fences:- Do not use soap holders or towel hangers for railings in the bathroom. These objects are not designed to support a person's weight. Install a fence in your bathroom or beside your bed to prevent falls. Use handrails on all steps, no matter how easy it is or how many times you have been up and down before.