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History of business cards

Exchanging business cards is such an important part of modern life that we hardly ever stop to think about where the custom originated. We take it for granted that business cards are affordable for everyone, that with modern design and photo printing methods they can come in an infinite variety of creative or traditional designs, for example, carbon fiber cards and pure metal cards.

If we think of the personalized business cards of earlier times, we suppose they must have been quite boring in comparison. Let's analyze its origins and see if that is true.

Business cards were an important part of interpersonal etiquette for the upper classes during the 18th and 19th centuries. To achieve your goal, you may hire Pure Metal Cards, a company that can design custom business cards.

Business cards were developed separately throughout the 18th century as a way to promote a business establishment. These were the days before newspaper and magazine advertising became common. Business cards were the main advertisement for a business. 

These were designed to attract attention, extol the benefits associated with the product, and give directions to business facilities. The first cards were produced using woodcuts or copperplate engravings, but since new tone lithographic processes appeared and became more affordable, the cards became more and more elaborate and attractive.

However, with the creation of magazine and newspaper advertising in the early 20th century, these collectible cards fell into disuse. Businesses changed them with a version of business cards adapted for business use, the first precursors to our modern cards.

Now it is the social business card that has fallen into disuse and the business card that is still the most frequent card to exchange with new acquaintances.