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Things to Consider Before Getting Home Care for the Elderly

If you begin to suspect that your elder is in need of home care – there are various things to look at before you go ahead with any decisions about the home care decisions. You can also ask a Home Care Agency to conduct a care assessment for you, and they'll look at the following criteria. This will not only help you to decide whether your loved one needs home care but also what type of home care they might need.

You can also opt for home care for the elderly in their own home.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

The first thing to look at is how your elder gets on with the basic, everyday tasks involved with looking after him or herself and maintaining the household.

These activities include:

· Housework, laundry, cooking and shopping

· Personal care such as using the toilet, bathing and dressing

· Going to the doctor and taking medication

· Keeping personal finances in order

In some cases older people won't be able to complete all of these tasks thoroughly because of either physical limitations or problems with their memory.

Physical Health

The next thing to look at is issues that could be affecting your loved one's physical health. If you decide to involve a Home Care Agency, they will also want to consult with the elder's primary care physician or bring in their own geriatric care specialist to get an accurate evaluation.