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What Constitute A Great Books For Kids In Singapore?

This is one of the questions asked by most parents when looking for a book that children will surely love and that will catch their attention. In this article, you will discover what and how to look for good or even great books for kids.

Here are only a few points that I have personally observed and recently learned to be true:

A good children's book should have good pictures. In fact, young children, especially those just starting out, are clearly more interested in picture books than textbooks.

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It is the same with older children, although they can read now, they are still looking for and more interested when the book they read has good pictures in it.

Coloring books for children are very interesting for children. Coloring books are great for kids because children love and are attracted to different colors.

While black and white photos are great and acceptable coloring books for some children's storybooks, children's coloring books benefit from this and seem to be a much better children's storybook due to their striking colors.

Children's books should not be filled with pictures, cartoons and works of art. Most kids tend to get lost in the landscape in this type of book and enjoy it less because they can't seem to mix pictures and text.