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Essential Health and Safety Qualifications

Health and safety standards are fundamental to all working and employment environments. It is efficient and necessary tasks created by qualified professionals that ensure that all appropriate and necessary steps are taken by management to make our work locations risk-free and protected.

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Essential Health and Safety Qualifications

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The need for qualified individuals with the ability to offer occupational occupational safety counseling as a part of occupation is mandatory, and as an employee, you may consider furthering your skills in occupational safety or pursuing a career in this field.

The UK's biggest qualification is the NEBOSH National Diploma designed specifically for health and safety professionals. It also provides a foundation for the progress of postgraduate studies. Many UK universities offer MSc programs that accept the NEBOSH National Diploma as a full or partial entry requirement.

It is at level 6 in the national qualification framework recognized by accrediting bodies such as the GCA, CEA, and ACCAC.

It is a core professional qualification that meets the educational requirements of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the International Institute for Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM), and the Institute of Environmental Management and Evaluation (IEMA).

To comply with the standards required for the NEBOSH National Diploma, functions and modules are overseen by the Qualifications and Technical Council with representatives from national institutions.

This health and safety training course works at multiple levels to provide a common core of knowledge to practice efficiently and to an acceptable standard required by law.

A successful graduate from this training course will be able to transfer this acquired knowledge to an industry or professional field that he can find within himself.

NEBOSH National Diploma also provides training to identify and adopt different needs of different sectors like public, private, and voluntary sectors.