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Pizza Steel Vs Pizza Stone – Get Out Of The Stone Age

For the perfect pizza, the first thing many people notice is the crust. Whether the crust is too moist and hanging in the middle, odourless and dull, or cooked unevenly causing unwanted burns, the crust can really make or break your homemade pizza. 

The solution to this problem over the years has been a pizza stone, a simple but brittle piece of ceramic or cordierite that speeds up the pizza cooking process and ultimately results in a "better" crust. But pizza rock has many limitations and true pizza lovers are looking for a product that will take their homemade pizza to the next level. It's up to you to step out of the Stone Age and step into the future of homemade pizza with carbon steel pizza stone. You can have a look at carbon steel pizza stone via

Carbon steel pizza stone cooking continues where ceramic pizza stones are left behind. Each pizza steel is a CNC laser cut of the highest quality conductive steel that conducts heat up to 20 times more efficiently than the best ceramic or cordierite pizza stones on the market. 

Yes, you did it right, 20 times more thermal conductivity than conventional pizza stones. You no longer have to worry about the centre of your pizza getting wet or accidentally burning due to uneven cooking.