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Shop Online By Becoming a Better Customer

Do you want to shop better online? Become a better customer! The speed, accuracy and security of eCommerce websites get better and better every year, but they are not always perfect and they will never be perfect. 

What you may not have noticed is that many of the most common complaints about online shopping are not the fault of the merchant. Yes, sometimes it's your fault. You can avoid this problem by following these online shopping tips that will enhance your purchases and provide the best customer service every time you hit the add to cart button. Now, you can also explore shop and ship in Egypt by visiting online. 

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PS: While this tip is for online shoppers, many of the same rules apply to any good old-fashioned brick and mortar shop. Keep this in mind the next time you go to the mall!

Tip 1: Ask yourself: "Is the customer always right?"

We've heard it for over a century and seen it in countless commercials: "The customer is always right." If you've ever owned a business or worked in retail, in your experience, you've probably heard this phrase more than a few times.

Many of us have even posted this ourselves multiple times when frustrated by a misunderstanding or a bad purchase. This is the mantra of disgruntled customers everywhere; The ultimate slogan designed to dispel disagreement and give you what you want the way you want it.

Tip 2: Don't take your bad experience elsewhere

It is even less useful than assuming that you, the customer, are always right to dump your frustrations from business to business. Yes, we've all had the bad luck of shopping badly on one occasion, and sometimes nothing is more irritating than an impolite employee or a confused customer service representative. However, contrary to the old adage, bad apples don't spoil the bunch.

Tip 3: Don't abuse business return rules

If you don't want your purchase and the online retailer allows you to return it, that's fine, but you don't have to pay a return fee. By doing so, you are forcing the company to lose something that was not due to a bad decision you made.