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Remove Urine Odor From Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are a gorgeous option for many distinct settings. They frequently talk into the taste and discernment of their proprietor. They are renowned as a top option for floor coverings.

Wool rugs do need some special attention. This is especially of concern if pets are part of their surroundings. Pet urine may change the fibers and lead to discoloration due to the character of those organic fibers.

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Remove Urine Odor From Wool Rugs

Urine odor is notoriously tough to remove, even when it's been cleaned. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of the wool rug and everything you want to do in order to eliminate urine odor due to your pets.

Selecting Wool Rugs

Wool rugs have any particular cleaning and care requirements. Regardless of this, most believe it to be well worth the attempt. There are a variety of benefits to getting this kind of carpets on your property. Wool is naturally immune to regular stains and dirt.

Pet Accidents

If your pet has an accident on your own wool carpet, you'll need to work immediately to stop irreversible harm. Begin with scooping up any solids and then absorb the fluids immediately.

Never wash wool. It may get easily ruined this way. Rather than scrubbing use gentle blotting moves to consume the liquid using a white cloth or paper towel.

Spot Removal

After the area was cleaned, you might have to deal with the stain. For discoloration, among the greatest methods to deal with, it's using club soda. This is sometimes used to remove many stains.

To remove odors, treat the region with an absorbent carpeting powder. If the odor persists, then contact a professional carpet cleaner that is proficient in handling wool carpets.