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How To Cover Large Windows Using Panel Glide Blinds

There is an increasing trend for outside windows in homes, commercial properties, and offices. These new windows that are without glide sheets let in a great deal of light and air, but they may also allow an excess of the sun into the room, causing fading to the furniture.

It is increasing the discomfort of occupants as the room gets hotter, requiring more AC cooling, and even casting glare onto TVs and computer monitors.  You can purchase glide sheets via

Standard draw blinds and shades are often not sufficient to protect the home, because these windows are much larger than usual. However, it is possible to protect the family from direct sunlight using panel blinds.

The principle of panel blinds is that they are large sheets of material that are folded back onto each other in order to create panels of fabric.

When folded, the panel glide blinds occupy a small area to one side of the window which means that they don't take over your living room, and don't overwhelm other furnishings.

When pulled out, they cover large windows, blocking out the sunlight and securing the room from overheating and higher Ac unit bills.

The blinds are handled by fitting them onto a track at the top of the window frame which allows them to be pulled backward and forward with ease.

You can use panel blinds wherever you need to protect the room from sunlight, and standard blinds and shades will not fit.

They can be used on large windows, bay windows, and even sliding patio doors, as they can be made to measure if necessary, and will sit flat against the wall when the door is in use.