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Explainer Video Production Process

You can't even imagine pulling out a compelling explainer video without understanding your audience. At first, we define the pain points of the audience. After that, we decide on the type of explainer video that will do the trick for the project.

When we complete the task of defining our audience and choose the type of video to complete the pain points, we then decide what we want from our audience. Is it creating awareness, selling more products, or something else?

In addition, we must also determine whether we will communicate our message formally or informally. To get better results from your campaign, you should seek the best explainer videos through 

Time to write scripts

One of the most important factors that determine the success of your campaign is a script. We also call it a copy. Even if you make a good video, you will not be able to make a profit if the text is not attractive to your audience.

Human attention span is too short for ugly scripts. You need to have the right script structure to quickly attract viewers and make them stick to the video. If you are not good at copywriting, you should not risk writing your own copy.


The storyboarding process is a method for analyzing whether your visual style and story resonates with your company's mission and goals or not. Next, also minimize the time you need to spend on revisions.

In this step, we bring together the characters in the video, break the whole story and set it in sequence, and bring character to life by exposing them to a different background.


Just like the story, voiceover is also an important part of the video. If VoiceOver is not in accordance with character properties, it can damage the entire video pleasure. You have two options for VoiceOver. You can go for professional voiceover artists, or you can do it yourself.

You must ensure that the sound you choose matches the nature of the video along with your brand image. There will always be a need to make tweaks in the Voiceover section, and it takes time to make the perfect sound for your video.