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Benchmarking The State Of Leadership Development

As HR, education, training, and development teams work to plan their investments for years and developing leadership development at all levels remains a priority for organizational outcomes. 

By building a strong talent channel, companies can gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing environment. But how much do companies typically spend on executive development and where do they invest in the future?

In the webinar, they will share the results of the latest study on this and other topics that are part of an upcoming issue of the new report. If you are looking for best leadership development then you can search the web.

leadership development conference

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They will examine how companies today spend their money on leadership development and where they want to invest in the future. Which organizations report that they are doing well in leadership development today? and key components of a profitable investment strategy for executive development.

After the webinar you will:

-Find out how much companies typically spend on leadership development.

-Learn how executives big and small invest in their people.

-Find out which delivery format the company wants to use to develop their future managers. and

-Identify what is working and what is not in current leadership development.

This webinar provides valuable information on effective investment strategies for executive development, both for internal specialists in the areas of human resources, development, and organizational development/training as well as for external consultants and personnel trainers. 

Join and see the new comparative research on the current and future state of leadership development