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A healthy Start Is Important For Calf Health

Animal health is still a major concern of many meat producers. A bad start not only has negative health consequences but can also lead to increased medical costs and decreased growth efficiency.

Various factors can affect an animal's immune system, eg. B. Environmental conditions such as heat and cold, malnutrition, and exposure to pathogens. 

The good news is there are simple management practices that can be used to minimize calf disease. If you are looking for a best calf additive for health and growth, then you can search the web

calf health

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Dam nutrition and herd immunity

Meeting dam’s nutritional requirements during pregnancy is very important to put the calf off to a good start. Studies show that poor nutrition during pregnancy can affect calf growth.

Dam nutrition not only affects the growth of the calves, but also the quality of the colostrum. Nutritional needs change during pregnancy, with demand peaking during the last trimester and while breastfeeding.

Vaccination against calves is only a means to promote immunity to calves against common diseases that can occur through the beef production system, such as Clostridial disease and respiratory disease in cattle (FRG).

Vaccination against the pathogens responsible for this disease is mandatory to stimulate the production of antibodies in young athletes.

Vaccination allows memory cells to build up for antibodies that can protect against this type of pathogen if affected at a later date. It is important to maintain herd immunity by vaccinating replacement heifers when cows join the herd.